Galeria na Puocie - genesis

PUOT gallery was created in 2010, when the whole Park of Polanica-Zdrój was fenced due to the reconstruction works that lasted two years. As an answer to limiting the possibilities of tourists coming to Polanica a gallery was hung on the fence. In order to choose photos for the exhibition, the first polish open contest for photoreportage was organized.

The first edition of the event got such a popularity, that the organizers decided to make it an annual event. The City Council invested money in gallery stands, that were placed in the very heart of Polanica's Park. The second edition went big a great media partner - National Geographic Traveler.

As the event got increasingly popular, the organizer decided to make it more formal. Starting from the fourth edition the event was renamed PUOT EXPO.

The whole graphic design was changed. Yet another prestigious media partner joined: doc! photo magazine.

It is estimated that during the three summer months, when the PUOT EXPO is exhibited, the gallery is seen by about 10 thousand people.

It is worth mentioning, that PUOT EXPO serves often as a jump-start for many aspiring photographers in their photographic career.

Meanwhile, have a look on the historical, first edition of Galeria na Puocie.